Ellie Fong

Associate, Commercial Litigation (Pending Admission)


Bachelor of Laws, King’s College London

My first Deacons Encounter

Joining the firm as a Vacation Student


I Chose Deacons

I chose Deacons for the great opportunities they provide as Hong Kong’s own world-class full-service firm.

At an early stage, trainees are granted the valuable opportunity to explore a wide range of practice areas and gain exposure to different types of work spanning multiple specialisations. This is complemented by the well-designed and comprehensive training programme which equips trainees with all the necessary skills and resources to excel as a top-notch commercial lawyer.

At the same time, Deacons maintains a true commitment to holistic development, emphasising on the importance of employees’ well-being and community service. Deacons is surely more than just a firm or a workplace.

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My Role

As a vacation student in the Corporate Commercial practice group, I was assigned challenging yet exciting tasks encompassing different aspects of the law. I conducted legal research into specific topics within employment law, competition law and contract law to assist the lawyers in advising their clients, and completed day-to-day tasks such as drafting and translating legal documents.

The vacation scheme not only honed my hands-on analysis and research skills, but also gave me a realistic view of life as a Deacons lawyer. Whilst completing my tasks, I received abundant support and professional guidance from my supervisor and buddies who constantly encouraged me to contribute to team discussions. The journey of self-discovery and learning was the most rewarding part of the internship.

What attracted me to law?

My dedication to pursue a career in law has been solidified through different academic, volunteering and work pursuits. One of the main things which attracted me to law is my fascination towards the language of persuasion. I have always been intrigued by how language is used as tool for advocacy and a means to reflect underlying intentions and emotions of different parties.

More importantly, I am passionate about the people-oriented and client-facing nature of a legal career. As a solicitor, I will be able to work with people from different walks of life and disciplines and tackle problems with a fresh perspective each time. Although the process of problem solving can be complex and extensive, I believe that a legal career is the perfect mix of intellectual stimulation and human connection.

What does it take to be successful in the vacation student programme?

It is of utmost importance that you give your full effort to every piece of work regardless of its scale and nature. Being detail-oriented and exercising independent thought helps you stand out from your counterparts and showcase your critical thinking skills. With a rich network of professional guidance and support, the vacation scheme is undeniably the best time to learn from your mistakes and embrace challenges fearlessly.

It is also crucial to possess a positive, can-do attitude by staying proactive. Taking the initiative will go a long way in opening doors to insightful conversations and novel opportunities, especially in such a large firm with a dynamic and open environment. You should be confident in your strengths and seize the chances to put your skill set into good use but at the same time, remember to be a good team player and appreciate the importance of teamwork, open-mindedness and collaboration.

My view on Deacons as a place where I can continue to grow

The commitment Deacons places in nurturing and training their juniors personally and professionally makes it the ideal place to begin my legal career. Deacons offers a structured and all-rounded training programme whereby trainees can develop essential soft skills such as commercial acumen, client relationship skills and leadership skills. The continuous guidance paves the way for me to grow through individual challenges and rise above obstacles.

Moreover, the culture of Deacons embodies the epitome of congeniality, respect and teamwork, and team members’ contribution and efforts are always appreciated and substantiated into the final product. With a vast support system and a culture of friendliness and mutual respect, Deacons provides everyone with the incessant opportunity for growth and self-improvement. It is the people-oriented culture and environment at Deacons that encourages me to reach my maximum potential and thrive for excellence.

What do I like to do in my free time?

I am an avid sportsperson and particularly enjoy playing table tennis, running and hiking. Through regular training and competitions in table tennis, I have built a healthy mind and body and even gained life-long transferable skills such as perseverance and self-discipline. To me, exercising is the best relaxation and de-stressing mechanism, especially when with good company.

I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places and opportunities, and am keen to expand my horizons by discovering new cultures and activities locally and abroad.

My experience of working with senior-level women at the firm when I interned here

During my stay at Deacons, I had the honour of working with a number of senior-level women in positions of leadership. I observed how they seamlessly managed the people and tasks within the team and effectively communicated with different members of the firm.

Under their leadership, I felt highly valued as a team member. My supervisor and other female partners were extremely willing to assist with my personal and professional development, and often took their valuable time to offer me step-by-step guidance and constructive feedback. Being able to learn from leading female lawyers in their field and witnessing their work ethic and dedication truly inspires me to reach for the same level of diligence and professionalism.

As a firm which embraces diversity and houses the highest proportion of women partners of any major law firm in Hong Kong, Deacons offers an unparalleled environment where women can limitlessly pursue their goals.


A Day In The Life


Arrive at the firm, check emails and set to-do list for the day


Quick update with supervisor and buddies on work progress


Conduct research and prepare note on employment case in preparation for client call


A Day In The Life


Lunch and discussion on team presentation ideas with batchmates


Translate a legal document for corporate clients in the PRC


Present research findings to supervisor and seek guidance on outstanding matters


Work on ongoing competition law research project by analysing and compiling secondary sources


Wrap up and head home for dinner with family


My Story

Commenced my P.C.LL studies at the University of Hong Kong


My Story

Enjoyed my one month Vacation Scheme at Deacons


My Story

Gained practical experience from my first legal internship


My Story

Commenced my LL.B studies at King’s College London with a full scholarship awarded by the HKSAR Government


My Story

Went on a volunteer service trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia


My Story

Won titles in various International Table Tennis Competitions representing Hong Kong


My Story

Joined the Hong Kong National Table Tennis Youth Team

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