Cherry Ng

Associate, Financial Services


Dual Degrees in Laws, The University of Hong Kong & The King’s College London

My first Deacons Encounter

Joining the firm as a Vacation Student

I Chose Deacons

Deacons is the right firm for me as it offers a diverse spectrum of practice areas at the highest level, giving the legal grounding I need as a fresh law school graduate.

With a law firm like Deacons, I can take full advantage of its full-service expertise in Hong Kong without the drawbacks of being specialised at a particular field too early on in my career.

My experience as a vacation student at Deacons also gives me the confidence that I will be put in good hands at the budding stage of my legal career.

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What attracted me to law?

The seven-year-ago me have little idea of what a career in law entails. I studied law at university as it is able to provide me with a strong foundation with transferrable skills and wide-ranging career options. Upon getting a taste of the legal profession through internships, I chose law as a career because I enjoy the mental stimulation and dynamic environment that it offers, in addition to it being a highly respected job. The challenging yet gratifying legal profession gives me a rewarding work experience and help me grow as a person.

My first day as a trainee solicitor

As a trainee solicitor, I was entrusted with substantial responsibilities since day one, working alongside with partners and associates of the Commercial Litigation department on on-going cases. My supervisor and other associates were always willing to take time off their busy schedule to provide me detailed feedback and guidance on my work and made me felt that my contributions were recognised by the team. For example, I have been given a wide range of substantive work ranging from responding to client’s enquiries to drafting legal advice to preparing written submissions.

What is the culture like at Deacons?

As the largest independent law firm in Hong Kong with over 700 employees, Deacons embraces diversity – each and every single one of us is unique in our own ways. That said, what is in common is the culture of collegiality and camaraderie within the team and even across different practice groups. This is more than words on paper. We truly mean it when we say “be a team player”.

Aside from work, Deacons organises a plethora of social events to foster relationships and enrich our life outside of work. During my first few months at the firm, I have participated in a number of events, such as terrarium workshop, our annual Christmas Party and volunteering activities, just to name a few. In addition, Deacons is committed to giving back to our community through our pro-bono initiatives. Even as a vacation student, I was given the chance to organise Deacons’ award-winning ABCs of Law programme for children in community centres.

What gets me excited to come to work?

I am amazed to find myself in client meetings with prominent clients and being involved in headline-grabbing cases. The vast array of legal issues – from regulation on mask wearing to estate administration to trade mark infringement – that I have worked on is intellectually exciting. I could not have asked for more intriguing opportunities as a trainee solicitor.

As the saying goes, people make the practice. I am extremely fortunate to work with, and under the guidance of, welcoming and friendly colleagues at Deacons. My supervisors will frequently discuss with me on the type of tasks that I want to work on and always welcome me to chat with them regarding any difficulties I face at work. The people here make my time enjoyable and rewarding.

Advice for someone looking to join Deacons

While brochures and online materials are helpful, they at best paint an abstract picture of what the firm is like. For those who are looking to join Deacons, do make use of the opportunity to obtain first-hand information on what it actually is like to be part of Deacons – apply for an internship, attend Deacons’ events and reach out to our graduate recruitment team and existing lawyers at open days. Showing your passion and interest in Deacons will not only give you an edge in interviews but also allow you to better understand whether Deacons is the right choice for you. Always remember that you are also choosing the firm!


A Day In The Life


Arrive at the office, check emails and plan for the day


Discuss with partners / associates about new tasks


Attend remote hearing on opposition to the registration of a trade mark


A Day In The Life


Attend lunch seminar or training organised by Deacons Academy


Draft client email reporting on the hearing


Conduct legal research on trade mark case law


Short coffee break to re-charge


Report my work progress to partners / associates


Dinner with friends


Wrap up and prepare to-do list for the next day


Leave office


My Story

Joined Deacons as a trainee solicitor

Learned how to crochet and make ceramics


My Story

Graduated with Dual Degrees in Laws from the University of Hong Kong & King’s College London


My Story

Enjoyed my internship at Deacons

Winner of the Hong Kong Bar Association Cup for the best mooting team and Runner-up of the Deacons Cup for individual mooter


My Story

Acted as an Executive Committee of a student-run non-profit organisation at King’s College London

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