Angel Tsui

Associate, Corporate Finance


Bachelor of Laws, The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Business & Administration (Law), The University of Hong Kong

My first Deacons Encounter

Joining the firm as a Vacation Student


I Chose Deacons

Deacons provides a broad range of legal services with strong expertise in each of its areas of practice. Being a trainee solicitor at Deacons allows me to receive comprehensive training as well as wide exposure to different people and working style.

My “First Deacons Encounter” is the vacation student programme in 2017. I found my experience extremely rewarding. Even though it was a one-month internship, I experienced little difficulty in transitioning into a working environment as I received plenty of guidance from my seniors and team members, while I was entrusted with challenging tasks and given room for professional growth.

Now as a trainee solicitor at Deacons, I experience the same and it is such great honour to be working as part of the firm again.

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My Role

As a trainee solicitor in the Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team of Deacons’ Corporate Finance Practice Group, I assist in transactions such as bond offerings, private placement of bonds and issuances under medium term note programmes. I am also involved in structured products programmes, bill issuances and other DCM transactions. I am usually tasked with preparing / updating the offering circulars, drafting correspondences, preparing listing applications and closing documents, and reviewing transaction documents etc.

What draws me to Corporate Finance?

Having graduated with a dual degree in accounting and law, I believe Corporate Finance offers exactly the types of challenges and opportunities I am looking for, and is ideally suited to my skills and knowledge. Not only do I find teamwork enjoyable, I also derive great satisfaction from liaising and collaborating with different working parties.

What is the best advice I have gotten at Deacons?

What I have learned from people around me is to always think ahead, take initiative and act in the clients’ best interest. We should not be limited by the specified scope of work or the instructions received, but should be aware of the potential issues that may arise in a transaction and take steps to solve the problem or minimise their impact. Helping clients to take things forward is not only beneficial to them but also rewarding to us as we can always learn from experience.

What gets me excited to come to work?

The work. Every transaction is different to a certain extent. Observing how my seniors deal with clients and other working parties and tackle each problem or crisis is a big takeaway for me. I am also always given the chance to express my opinion and participate in decision-making processes. This process of “observe and practise” has accelerated my learning progress. I learn a lot from every day of my work.

The people. Seniors and colleagues show great hospitality and the welcoming atmosphere helps people to focus more on work. In Deacons, it is always easy to feel connected with somebody else. I cherish the bonds developed within the team, the practice group and the firm. The sense of togetherness makes work less tough and more enjoyable.

What skills does someone need to succeed as a trainee solicitor?

Observant, attentive and detail-oriented. As trainee solicitors, observing is an essential part of learning. I personally learn a lot from observing. Further, trainee solicitors always play a supporting role. It is crucial that we pay attention to details and not let minor mistakes grow to become an obstacle to delivering the best to the clients.

How do I cope with stressful situations?

I usually feel stressed when I am overwhelmed with work and/or other issues. I will try to formulate a to-do-list in mind and prioritise the outstanding tasks. This makes me feel better as I feel that things are in hand. I think it is important to understand that it is normal to feel stressed and sometimes an appropriate amount of stress could help us get more focused and deliver higher quality of work.


A Day In The Life


Arrive at the office and check emails


Discuss amendments to product booklets with consultant and send mark-ups to printer for processing


Attend weekly progress call for a project


Update the offering circular based on client’s latest financial results


A Day In The Life


Attend team meeting where each of us shares what we are working on and the team discusses updates relevant to our practice


Conduct research on sanctions


Prepare closing documents


Draft email to manager counsel


Continue updating the offering circular


Review amended product booklets returned by printer


Head home


My Story

Broke my own hiking record


My Story

Passed P.C.LL and started my traineeship at Deacons

Last-trip-before-work to the West Coast (again, I drove!)


My Story

Graduation trip to Australia (I was the one driving!)

Started learning guitar


My Story

Joined the vacation student programme at Deacons


My Story

Attended exchange programme at the University of Toronto

Obtained my driving licence


My Story

Completed my first legal internship at a bank

Joined the dancing team of the University of Hong Kong

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