Eileen Lou

Senior Associate, Insurance Litigation


Bachelor of Laws, The University of Hong Kong

My first Deacons Encounter

Joining the firm as a Vacation Student

I Chose Deacons

I chose Deacons because of its people. The lawyers at Deacons are deeply passionate about their work and have a strong work ethic.

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My Role

I am actively involved in all stages of a litigation case. I interview witnesses and collect evidence; draft pleadings and correspondence; review documents; meet with counsel and clients; advise clients on the merit of the case; attend court hearings; and negotiate settlement.

What draws me to Insurance Litigation?

I have always been interested in litigation. I enjoy applying what I learnt in law school to real-life cases. I worked in the Insurance Litigation team as a vacation student. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the lawyers in the team and I was inspired by their commitment towards their work. Ever since, I have hoped to join the team!

What gets me excited to come to work?

Every work day is different. Sometimes, I spend the entire day drafting a piece of long advice. Sometimes, I attend a court hearing or mediation. I get to interact with people from very diverse background. Work is never boring!

What is something that I had done at Deacons that made an impact?

Working on a high-value case involving complicated insurance policy issues and multiple parties.

How have I been able to grow my career at Deacons

I have been given more responsibilities over the years. As a trainee, I was usually given piecemeal research and drafting work. After getting qualified, I was assigned to work on individual cases and became actively involved in all the stages of a court case. My supervisor closely monitored my work and gave me very valuable feedback. It was like taking a few baby steps at a time. As I have gained more experience over the years, I am now able to work on a case independently.

Apart from the core legal work that forms the bulk of my job, I have also been given the opportunities to take up other tasks, such as supervising the legal assistants and trainees, and participating in marketing activities such as giving seminars and drafting newsletters to clients.

How do I cope with stressful situations?

I try to look at the situation as objectively as possible and identify what exactly is causing me to feel stressed. I then come up with a detailed plan for resolving the problem. For example, a particular task can seem daunting because the people involved are intimidating, or because it has a very tight deadline. It is important to understand what is really making me feel stressed before I can come up with a solution.

Another thing I always do is to make sure that I have enough rest the day before. Having a good night’s sleep is crucial!


A Day In The Life


Listen to a podcast or read SCMP on my way to work


Check emails and draft replies to urgent emails


Draft advice to client


A Day In The Life


Go jogging or swimming


Review files and prepare for meeting with witnesses and counsel


Attend meeting with witnesses and counsel


Return phone calls


Review correspondence drafted by legal assistant


Go through inbox and reply emails


Prepare to-do list for the next work day


Dinner with friends


My Story

Became senior associate at Deacons


My Story

Won my first case (that I had worked on from the start)


My Story

Admitted as a solicitor


My Story

Started training contract at Deacons


My Story

Graduated from law school


My Story

Joined Deacons as a vacation student

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