Lily Liu

Associate, China Intellectual Property


Bachelor of Laws, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

My first Deacons Encounter

Receiving Deacons Prize in Law for Young Leaders

I Chose Deacons

I started my internship at Deacons knowing that it is a world-class Hong Kong law firm, but ended up being most impressed with its distinctive people-oriented culture and well-round training programme.

As an intern, I have always been valued as part of the team and people never hesitated to answer my questions and share their experiences. I felt that the graduate recruitment team, as well as the whole firm, takes every trainee’s growth as a genuine concern. With their generous support, I have the most confidence to tackle future challenges and explore where my talent and passion lie.

The inclusive culture and the full-spectrum training distinguish Deacons as the best springboard for my legal career.

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What attracted me to law?

The powerful role that law plays in our day-to-day life was the first thing that led me to the gateway of the legal empire. As I explore further, it is the fun contained in this extremely intellectually stimulating activity of solving real-life complexities that have me persevere. The challenges that I encountered and overcame in the study, work and mooting activities, keep shaping me into a better person.

A lawyer never stops learning and thinking. With its constant evolvement and endless potential in interacting with other industries, law remains an ever new and exciting field where I believe I can realise my talent to the best and make my contributions to the community.

How has my studies and experience prepared me to work in the legal profession?

Interest is the best teacher and is what introduced me to the legal profession in the first place. I find incredible power in language and logic and have a passion for all language-related activities. Apart from a daily habit in thinking, reading and writing that has been with me for years, I seize every opportunity to be engaged in debating, public speaking and mooting activities. My boarding school experience since the age of eleven has cultivated in me an independent personality as well as an appreciation for team work, which also prepare me for any challenges ahead. Whilst expecting lawyer’s work to be different from how I studied in the law school, I believe the interest will continue to be the strong drive for me to carry on all the way.

What does it take to be successful in the vacation student programme?

While as an intern you may not be expected of an unreasonably high standard, the basics must be ensured. Detail attention cannot be stressed enough. The ability to produce reliable work product shows that you will be a good addition to the team whom your colleagues can trust their work with. Apart from work performance, it need also be borne in mind that interns are holistically assessed. Deacons provides a comprehensive vacation programme and a good job in all assessments are essential for your standing out. Lastly, the vacation programme is not only for securing a training contract, but also providing an opportunity for you to explore career interests, mingle with people and learn if the firm is the right choice. In the end, it is being yourself and being genuinely interested in a long-committed legal career that will carry you towards success.

My view on Deacons as a place where I can continue to grow

Deacons’ full-spectrum practice undoubtedly provides the widest possible choice for me to start my legal career, where I can have the maximum flexibility to probe for my talent and passion. The award-winning training programme will best equip me with the essential skills to carve out my legal path. I felt my development valued by the firm even as an intern and I can see myself continuingly gain from the top-notch practice and profound experience that has been accumulated by the firm over the past 170 years. With the wide and deep exposures to the legal and commercial world, I believe the potential is limitless for me to grow at Deacons.

What do I like to do in my free time?

When not working, I usually go out to meet friends, trying out a nice restaurant or a new hiking trail. Apart from that, I like to explore speciality cafés and bookshops, where I enjoy reading and writing with a cup of iced coffee. Regular gym and yoga are also among my favourites to relax and refresh myself.

How would I describe the people whom I met at Deacons?

During my one-month placement, I received enormous help and support from lawyers at all levels. I was treated as part of the team on the first day of my internship, where my supervising partner spared time to introduce me to the whole team and invited me to their lunch meetings and conference calls. Seniors always gave me clear instructions and prompt feedbacks, and hence I seldom felt lost at work and could know where to improve. Any questions were also welcomed by my trainee buddies, who were extremely willing to share their own experiences with me. The relationship between interns was more of friends than competitors, where we worked together for the group presentation, encouraged each other and maintained the friendship till now. When working at Deacons, I could feel how people supported each other and worked as a team under a collaborative firm culture.


A Day In The Life


Arrive at Deacons; check emails; prioritise a to-do list


Quick chat with associates and/or buddies for update on my work


Attend a conference call and prepare a memorandum for the team


A Day In The Life


Have lunch with batchmates


Finish off the memorandum and send it to the partner for review


Conduct research on assigned tasks


Refine the memorandum with comments received and send it to the team


Discuss the presentation project with batchmates


Have dinner with friends


My Story

Began studying P.C.LL and embarked on a year-long adventure with the CUHK Vis Moot Team

Graduated with a First Class Honours in LL.B.


My Story

Joined the Penn Latin & Boardroom Dance Club and received awards in the Princeton Ballroom Competition

Attended the exchange programme at the University of Pennsylvania


My Story

Awarded the Deacons Prize in Law for Young Leaders and enjoyed my first internship with Deacons


My Story

Joined the CUHK Mandarin Debate Team and had an unforgettable four-year journey with the team

Entered the Chinese University of Hong Kong through the National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao), being one of the twelve admissions in the province

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